StreamPlay Services

StreamPlay provides Embedded Design Engineering services for the High Definition Professional AV market. Our core competence is in the embedded Digital Video and Audio systems development. Our design services cover all aspects of an embedded AV system development starting from system design to post production support and maintenance. We have developed our own technology platforms for high definition video applications which lead to a number of proven subsystems both at the electronics components and software level solutions. Our expertise in embedded AV system development and testing & certification processes are available to our clients in the form of our professional services. These services include project management, AV consultancy, Testing & Compliance Verification and Troubleshooting services.

Our goal is to be a reliable, high quality but also flexible, long term partner. We turn your ideas into products!


Design Services

Our embedded design services are addressing Digital Video and Audio applications. We offer complete turnkey system or subsystem development starting from the system design to post production support and maintenance. We remain close to your own development team during the whole development process. Our responsibility does not stop after project competition - post production support, system maintenance and upgrades are our key added value.  

Our expertise in electronics design covers analog and high speed digital designs and interfaces. We years of experience in embedded software development and we cover a wide range of MCU architecture starting from 8bit Microcontrollers to highly integrated ARM processors. Part of the development process undertaken by StreamPlay is to design and build the prototypes. We can assist with the host system level integration and testing. At the end of the development we offer post production support, system maintenance and future upgrades.

Technology Platforms

StreamPlay has developed proprietary technology platforms for high definition video applications. Our technology platforms reduce the time to market and reduce considerably the overall product development costs. Thanks to a number of proven electronics, both at component level and software library level are re-usable and therefore provide faster development time and most important, reduces the overall risk associated with new technology introduction and integration.


Professional Services

Our professional services include project management; we manage third party partners or manufacturing partners. We take overall responsibility for multi-partner development projects. Our AV consultancy services include the definition at high level of the new system requirements, product ideas, requirements and technical specifications. Our experience in bringing products from concepts to mass production and our professional and testing and measurement tools are available made available to our clients via the Testing and Compliance Verification services. We can intervene at any stage of the development and if a prototype or post production AV system has technical and or interoperability issues, we offer our troubleshooting services. Part of this service is hardware design review for the schematics, Bill of material and PCB manufacturing files review, analysis and fixes of firmware’s source code.



Core Competencies

  32bit ARM LPCx NXP 32bit ARM LPCx N